...Because science doesn't care what we believe!

Author, Forensic Investigator, Explorer.

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As an active leader in UFO and ancient artifacts investigations, she employs a diverse set of skills and professional techniques, known as "the Gold Standards". Her work concludes admissible inquiry, proper case management and scientific conclusions.


A former Department of Defense employee and schooled and certified as a Former Private Investigator, Chase consistently demonstrates the knowledge, technical requirements, legal parameters, and commitment to evidence based investigations using the latest technologies and methods as professional Law Enforcement Officials in a modern and forward moving scientific environment.


 She holds a tested certification in International Forensic and Evidence Collections, holding membership and the credentials of CPES, through the International Association for Property and Evidence. 

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Knowledge & Experience

 She joined the Mutual UFO Network in 1996 and was selected as The Star Team Manager and Deputy Director of Investigations through 2011. She was responsible for the program design, protocols and investigation procedures for a national rapid response unit. This position included supervision of the most experienced investigators and access to the most sensitive and complex cases reported to MUFON. 

Chase designed the coveted "Special Assignment Team" (SAT) which became the highest level of investigations in MUFON. This is the Tier4, small and elite team of investigators.

Chase became the Director of Investigations in 2018 and has since resigned her positions in MUFON to pursue evidence and scientific investigations and to engage the Law Makers in DC with a focus on National Security.


 In 2016, Chase became a registered and official LOBBYIST for the UFO Field. This goal was realized through a progressive understanding that to truly influence change and offer a knowledgeable commentary on the realities of the UFO phenomenon, we must include our Nation’s elected and the very people that are trusted as our Lawmakers. The scientific community is willing to participate IF we maintain the proper protocols and evidence integrity. By including both the Law Makers and Scientific communities, we breach the secrecy and ridicule stigma the UFO field has experienced for decades. 

Chase has NOT renewed her Lobbyist ID in Washington DC because experience has proven that you do not need it. 

The doors are opening for the RIGHT people, with the RIGHT information at the RIGHT time.


 This is my first work as Associate Producer as well as appearances in the film.

Official trailer from j3FILMS for the upcoming release of "Extraordinary: The Seeding." Distributor 1091 Media has scheduled the film for Video on Demand (VOD) and digital download release on Tuesday, September 3, 2019.  Pre-sales of the film will begin Thursday, June 6, 2019 at the following website: 



Filed Final Reports

The Malibu Underwater Base Final Report (docx)


Inca Quest Expedition Team

This exploration Team is led by Timothy Alberino


My role is to lead all evidence collection and processes to further the admissible results. Because..."Science Doesn't Care What We Believe"!

Undisclosed Desert Necropolis


Timothy leads one of the most successful teams of explorers to some of the most remote locations on earth! Inca Quest....Coming soon!



I have worked with this amazing team for almost 3 years now. I'm so proud of their integrity and I am honored to be one of the crew!